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MCNA Members Write US Congress in Support of Collective Bargaining

Music Creators North America (MCNA) members SCL and SGA have joined a letter written by independent creators addressed to leaders of the United States Congress calling for the right to collectively negotiate.

The letter urges action in the United States in face of exploitation by media and entertainment conglomerates. This includes one-sided, non-negotiable contracts that require giving away an increasing amount of rights, including copyrights.

The letter draws attention to the lack of protections in the United States, and the prohibiting of collective bargaining for freelancers,. Traditional employees are exempt from the antitrust law that has prevented independent creators to collectively negotiate. In many countries, this ability for individuals to join together and bargain collectively is established and protected by law, allowing creative professionals to organize collectively to negotiate on their behalf.

The letter states that the creative sector generates “$1.5 trillion in annual value to the U.S. GDP” or 7.41% of its economy.

The letter calls for amending the US National Labor Relations Act or for creating an antitrust exemption for professional creators.