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Globalisation and rights management at heart of songwriting panel at IMPF Music Summit Palma

Songwriter and CIAM Vice-President Arriën Molema and ECSA President Helienne Lindvall were invited to contribute to the Songwriting with Composers and Authors panel at the 2023 IMPF Music Summit Palma. The panel was part of the 3-day conference October 8th-11th for IMPF music publishers, songwriters, and guests in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

The panel discussed the creative side of songwriting as well as cooperation among songwriters, publishers, and CMOs in order to develop a sustainable career. The increasing globalisation of music, which has made it easier for songwriters to be active in different territories, has made songwriters aware of the need to understand the different ways these territories operate particularly for rights management.

The discussion also explored what songwriters are looking for when cooperating with a publisher. This includes a steady relationship and someone who is on your team that enhances your career in a sustainable way.

CIAM thanks IMPF for inviting Arriën Molema to participate and share his knowledge as a songwriter in the global environment.