APMA ExCo and GA.

APMA ExCo Meeting and APMA General Assembly Held in Mumbai, India

BLCPS and ACPO Selected as Beneficiaries of APMA Donation

During the APMA Executive Committee meeting held on December 5th, 2023, in Mumbai, India, two additional societies in the Asia-Pacific region, namely BLCPS in Bangladesh, and ACPO in Sri Lanka were selected as beneficiaries of a donation of USD 5,000 respectively. APMA had previously donated a total of USD 15,000 to CAMCOS in Cambodia, LASCAP in Laos, and MOSCAP in Mongolia, and again during the CIAM GA in November 2023, donated a total of USD 50,000 to 10 societies from Africa, Latin America, and Europe, including the African alliance of AMA.

APMA ExCo Meeting and General Assembly Held on December 5, 2023

At the APMA ExCo meeting held on December 5th, 2023, in Mumbai, India, the following agendas were discussed: announcements for the APMA General Assembly and International Music Creators’ Seminar, Donation Ceremony in CIAM GA, and APMA donation usage report.

Additionally, there were discussions about broadening the scope of APMA Donation to include assistance to societies with software needs, such as building a documentation system that could be shared by various developing societies, since many societies have already benefited from the donation in terms of hardware.

Following the ExCo meeting, the APMA General Assembly took place on the same day. The agendas included updates on APMA activities, election of APMA ExCo members, Chair and Vice Chair, and discussions on ways to collaborate with Asian creators.

During the General Assembly, 10 ExCo members were elected – Mr. Myung Sun Yoon from Korea, Mr. Mayur Puri from India, Mr. Nonoy Tan from the Philippines, Mr. Irfan Aulia from Indonesia, Mr. Toshiyuki Watanabe from Japan, Chen Yu Zhen Wawa from Taiwan, Ung Kuoc Iang Yan from Macau, Hao Weiya from China, Mr. Thanit Chernpipat from Thailand, and Ms. Amanda Brown from Australia. Among them, current APMA Chair, Mr. Myung Sun Yoon was re-elected as the APMA Chairman for the next term, and Mr. Mayur Puri was elected as the Vice Chair. The term of office for the ExCo members will be for a period of 3 years, starting from January 2024.

APMA ExCo and GA
APMA ExCo and GA 3