APMA Donation

APMA Donation Awarded to 10 Societies during CIAM GA

The APMA Donation was awarded to 10 societies during the CIAM General Assembly, which took place on November 8th, 2023 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The Asia-Pacific Music Creators Alliance (APMA) donation project, initiated by APMA Chairman Mr. Myung Sun Yoon, has raised approximately USD 210,000 from various entities in the Korean music industry since October 2022 with the aim of developing and revitalizing the copyright market in the Asia-Pacific region.

In May 2023, APMA donated a total of USD 15,000 to CAMCOS in Cambodia, LASCAP in Laos, and MOSCAP in Mongolia to improve their working conditions and environment. In November 2023, APMA again donated a total of USD 50,000 to 10 societies including an African alliance – namely, TAMRISO in Tanzania, ZIMURA in Zimbabwe, RSAU in Rwanda, ECCO in St. Lucia, SGACEDOM in the Dominican Republic, AACIMH in Honduras, ALBAUTOR in Albania, SIIP in Uzbekistan, ARMAUTHOR in Armenia, and the African alliance of AMA, with the recommendation of CIAM and CISAC at the CIAM General Assembly.

APMA aims to expand its impact in the copyright market by extending its donation boundaries beyond the Asia-Pacific region, which will ultimately ensure further benefits for creators in the Asia-Pacific region.

APMA Donation